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Defense of the victims of real estate tax exemption’s investments

Our law firm defends the victims investment made as part of real estate tax exemption process.

Problems encountered due to a real estate tax exemption investment :

You have concluded a real estate tax exemption’ investment, pursuant to a French tax exemption law such as Robien, Pinel, Borloo, Demessine, Girardin, Duflot or Scellier‘s law.

This investment was concluded following the advices of a person who approached you at your home or at your workplace and who introduced himself/herself as an expert.

Unfortunately, you noticed (too late) that this investment did not offer the rate of return that had been announced.

For instance, the rental of the property faced problems (lack of tenants, necessity to drop rents…). Or, you discovered (once again too late) that this property has been overestimated so that you cannot resell it without suffering a significant loss. You may also have discovered that the expected tax benefit (for example, the Robien “amortissement”) could not be obtained since the related legal requirements had not been satisfied.

Therefore, you have been a victim of a defective real estate tax exemption’ investment.

Our solutions and expertise to remedy such tax exemption operations :

Our law firm has been involved for more than a decade in these situations to defend the victims of such injurious investments.

Thus, we have been led to defend numerous victims of such investments throughout France.

We have earned an important experience in this type of litigation.

Firstly, the purpose of our intervention is to analyze your file.

Based on this review, we will let you know if we consider that a legal action is accurate and we will let you know the related costs.

Where appropriate, the subject of the legal action will aim to :

  • free you from this investment (by requesting the cancellation of the deed of sale of the property and its relate loan),
  • and/or obtain damages related to the losses you have encountered (loss of rent, loss of tax benefits, pain suffered, etc.)

You will find in our news pages examples of decisions rendered in matters of tax exemption’s investments in favor of victims. A majority of these examples are related to cases that we have worked on.

For more information on these different tax exemption schemes and information on the rental potential of various French municipalities, you can visit the following informative site :